Top 5 technology events of 2016.


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  1. John McLean

    And where is whole topic on AI evolution? This is one of most important 2016 event

    • Norbert Biedrzycki  

      See other articles. Thaer is whole series on AI

  2. johnbuzz3

    Go, one of the oldest and yet most-challenging games in human history, has proved to be an excellent test for the best artificial intelligence human beings have yet created. Unfortunately for world champ Lee Sedol, his five-game match against Google’s DeepMind A.I. AlphaGo was a humbling one. Sedol managed to win one out of the five games, but the quick-learning and ruthlessly efficient AlphaGo out-performed all expectations. The A.G.I. (artificial general intelligence) was not designed to play Go, widely considered the most complex professional game out there, but rather to learn how to play simply from watching and playing millions upon millions of games. AlphaGo even made a mistake in one of the games due to its ignorance of a known tesuji, or best play from a given location, but it recovered from it… and will likely never forget that tesuji again. Does this mean the machines are preparing to rise up against us? No, of course not. But it does mean that our own research into artificial intelligence is progressing at a rapid enough pace to put ever-smarter computers into service alongside of us perhaps sooner than we have anticipated.

  3. Karel Doomm2

    See this. Here are top most worrying technology trends in 2017:

    1. Robots and AIs Will Take Our Jobs
    This isn’t just science fiction, it’s happening now. Manufacturing are the first places we see robots and automation eliminating human jobs.

    2. Technology will continue to extend lifespans.
    Combining AI with advances in robotics, medicine and gene-technology means that people could stop dying.

    3. Who controls the super intelligence?
    As technology advances, we run the risk of entering a world of digital feudalism.

    4. Using our data against us.
    Right now, new information is coming to light about Russia’s involvement in hacking the U.S. presidential election – this is a serious issue.

    • Norbert Biedrzycki  

      Interesting list. I would probably argue on #3. But the remaining technologies might also worry me. It’s all about the progress. We cannot stop it or postpone. We can and should define them in most harmless way

    • Norbert Biedrzycki  

      My personal selection. MIT selection is much broader, tech focused only. But thanks for valuable feedback and interesting link