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Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Congress

Use of future technologies. The most important industry trends in 2019.

Using artificial intelligence in industry is a topic which has only recently been in business. Is the use of this term in this context over exaggerated? Is the idea of learning algorithms supporting production from the perspective of the Polish market far-fetched? We are certainly

Leadership in the Digital World – Interim Managers Association

Leadership in the digital age describes the skills needed by leaders in an ever-changing and more complex world.

  Transforming an organization requires the courage leader, awareness of market trends and the ability to choose right people. Perhaps this is a paradox, but in times of high specialization, the leader’s versatility is worth its weight in gold – says Norbert Biedrzycki, passionate about

BlockchainTech Congress II

The motto behind the event was "Revolution is comming". Is blockchain really a revolution? Frequently, there have been answers to such questions from industry specialists.

On October 1-2, BlockchainTech Congress was held. The event was an opportunity to meet business, suppliers, regulators and technologies. 43 speakers attended over 27 speeches and attracted over 600 people in two days. A revolution like the Internet is ahead of us. During BlockchainTech Congress,