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The development of Artificial Intelligence opened a new stage of network and industry digitization.

AI Conference TIME Norbert Biedrzycki

On March 4-5 of 2019, 11th TIME conference was held. The event was an opportunity to meet business, suppliers, regulators and technologies. 56 speakers attended over 32 speeches and attracted over 900 people in two days.

I had a pleasure to open the conference with Key Note speech  „Artificial Intelligence for Industry”. Part of the presentation attached below.  

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Norbert Biedrzycki Artificial Intelligence presentation 2
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Norbert Biedrzycki Artificial Intelligence presentation 8
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The changes that take place in the industry must be followed by changes in the regulatory environment. This, in turn, will translate into greater efficiency in resource management for companies. 
In fact, it’s another stage in the development of the network economy and a business goal of investments in 5G networks, AI and technologies related to Industry 4.0.

The emerging business models give a competitive advantage to enterprises open to cooperation and interoperability. Their goal is to launch new mechanisms allowing for cost-effective sharing of resources with external entities. The growing importance of economies of scale, combined with the possibilities of more effective use of the potential offered by companies, encourage entering into new relationships.

The goal of the organizers of the Forum is to improve the environment for conducting business activities. Entrepreneurs, subject-matter experts, scientists and the representatives of the state administration hold the discussions. The results of the meeting will be used by business organizations as a cornerstone for their statutory activities.

The 11th TIME Economic Forum served as a pan-European platform for discussion on the consequences of the changes described above. The conclusions of the discussions held in the previous year were a call for acceleration of modernization processes. New technologies gain in importance in virtually every type of market. The size of the EU market is a true asset that comes with a number of development opportunities for the member states. However, these opportunities can by fully seized only thanks to close cooperation and rapid modernization of the regulatory framework of the EU single market. During the last year’s meetings, attention was paid to a number of issues of very high importance. The established postulates and conclusions were used to fuel discussions that currently are held across the entire EU. We stressed that effective consolidation and harmonization actions should be taken as soon as possible. Detailed conclusions were presented in separate reports and documents that are now used as a support for consultation processes related to the regulatory requirements for 5G networks, AI and Industry 4.0.

Norbert Biedrzycki Artificial Intelligence conference 1
Norbert Biedrzycki Artificial Intelligence conference 2
Norbert Biedrzycki Artificial Intelligence conference 3
Norbert Biedrzycki Artificial Intelligence conference 4

To summarize, our actions are aimed at supporting and justifying the following statements:

  • in the coming years, the economic development will be driven by the Artificial Intelligence,
  • the penetration by network will increase and deepen, therefore it is necessary to build conditions that will ensure interoperability of the connected products.
  • the increase in the importance of network connections means that legal regulations have a growing impact on the shape of the market and the pace of technical and social development,
  • the so-called economies of scale contently grow in importance, which translates into the need to create a unified law within large economic areas,
  • the growing role of innovation and knowledge in socio-economic life will cause profound changes in the employment structure.

Conference website: Link

Summary of the conference: Link

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  1. Jang Huan Jones

    Why does this sub pander to Elon Musk’s technology anxieties? Artificial Intelligence (AI) isn’t some kind of self-aware menace that’s going to steal your job or launch all the bombs. It also isn’t something that we’re just going to “stumble onto”; it will take many years of directed basic research to even begin to develop what Elon Musk is envisioning. Finally, we must allow such a technology oversight and management of critical systems to realize the nightmare scenarios that keep Elon Musk up at night.

  2. We are fortunate to live in this generation, which is full of technological advancements. Now we live in a time where a lot of work is taken over by machines & software. AI has a special place in all the advancement made today. As we know that AI is the science of computers and machines developing intelligence like humans. In this technology, the machines can do some of the simples to complex tasks that we as humans need to do regularly.

  3. Jack666

    AI is a double-edged sword…

    One side we have this marvellous technological advances that bring us improvements in our work, medicine, science and in our life, helping us to make it easier. In general is human evolution.

    But in the other side we should be aware over certain things that we shall consider it, for example the reduction of our privacy, the continuous surveillance (like in China) or the judgment of your behaviour by a robot deciding if you earn some points to be a good citizen.
    You will be almost forced to use a chip in order to get access to medical services and pay your bills, without this device… it would be like you don’t exist and you won’t be able access to any services in the city, get a job or even rent a place to live. Dissidents will be prosecuted.
    What about “hybrids” ? Could hackers hack our brains in the future?
    And all that without mentioning the replacement of humans by machines in nowadays jobs.
    Advanced AI can learn and evolve by themselves and even develop a personality, what could be the worst-case scenario on this? The rise of machines and the extinction of the human race because an AI deduced humans are a menace to the planet?

    • Acula

      Despite progress in AI it is still quite stupid. And we hard time make it more intelligent that say, a worm. This is because expanding resources available to AI (a trick that worked for regular computers) tends to make AI more stupid rather than more intelligent as having such capability it tends to memorize instead of generalizing. Hence creating complicated AI systems capable of thought seems to be well ahead of us. The future is just an illusion in physics. This is just one possible way of ordering events. And not particularly remarkable one – outside of the way ur mind operates – that we can remember the past but cannot remember the future.

      • Jang Huan Jones

        Actual experts in AI, which Musk is not, have already denounced his bullshit doomsaying as baseless paranoia.

  4. Simon GEE

    I think that the technology has been and will be around us everytime. Sometimes we can check the evolution of this, but the technology is always evolutioning with our help. There are a lot of benefits with this evolution, although we don’t take advantage of it. However, human’s have been focused in create new tools for our benefit own. I could say that it is “accommodate the technology to our pleasure” but that’s not the correct way because is correct say that the technology won’t evolution withouth our help but it’s incorrect say that the technology and the previous tools belong to us.
    Taking into account the previous text, I want to express something that is nature in the life and maybe you have heard before about that, in this case, the positive things and the negative things (good and bad). As I said, It’s common in the life because not everything is perfect, but checking the technology in this decade (XXI century) is important stand out the influence that technology has left in medecine or healthy as the cientist said in their texts.
    However, I can’t avoid the bad things in the use of technology, like the vast use by humans with animals, plants or others living beings. It is terrible and absurd for me, because would be better try to evolution with technology withouth use of them. We are destroying our planet and we are letting that technolgy govern us in the future, that I’m sure it won’t late so much time.

    • CaffD

      Notably, the private sector’s involvement in the AI-ethics arena has been called into question for potentially using such high-level soft-policy as a portmanteau to either render a social problem technical or to eschew regulation altogether. Beyond the composition of the groups that have produced ethical guidance on AI, the content of this guidance itself is of interest. Are these various groups converging on what ethical AI should be, and the ethical principles that will determine the development of AI? If they diverge, what are these differences and can they be reconciled?

  5. JohnE3

    Interesting and thought provoking article – thanks Norbert

  6. johnbuzz3

    Digital Transformation & Automation along with digital product engineering has been able to create such software like PayPal and Google Pay with which one can easily do almost all their financial transfers. Moreover, each banking service in the world has adopted digital platforms through which the customer has all the power to control their banking services sitting at home or during the commute.
    Day by day, new age internet banking is evolving while keeping security as much as possible. Even though digitalization is a risk factor, its productivity and efficiency have overshadowed the risks. Recently, digital product engineering has brought in a lot of changes in the world to make it more tech superior and efficient.

    • Karel Doomm2

      Quntum Intenet in the long term is a fantastic development that reshapes security and encryption. But during early adaption, it may create some imbalance as systems transition from legacy models to QC.

      Your thoughts on mitigating this, please.

    • Tom Jonezz

      Because the notion of the algorithm in construct is to alleviate the burden upon AI to expedite ‘more’ or somehow ‘better’ justice upon the people(s), whatever the concern in question to be judged, the total second variable value is not an ‘absolute value’ because people are always hurting out of hurt and criminalized by crimes so the second variable is essentially negative.

      • Jang Huan Jones

        Interesting concern. If you havent read this you really should: The Rise of the Weaponized AI Propaganda Machine
        Even if its completely untrue it gives a taste of what the future may hold. Having said that, the issue of an AI driven war between superpowers and the issue of AI being used against a certain political ideology are orders of magnitude in difference. One is an existential threat to the entirety of humanity and the other is not.