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Goals, relationships, experience? What plays the most important role in the transformation of the organization?

Without much problems we will find numerous studies on how to effectively manage change in the organization. I am convinced that a change in the organization that I want or intend - as a leader - to carry out, must also be based on personal foundations.

My article in BUSINESS INSIDER published 24th of September 2018.   Trainers tell us that a key to successfully transforming organizations is to clearly define business goals, ensure that leaders maintain good relationships with people across the organization and choose the right communication tools. Although I

The potential of Artificial Intelligence and automation bring new challenges to contemporary leaders

Fixed business models in the modern digital economy have gone down in history, and the potential of artificial intelligence and automation put new challenges ahead of today's leaders in the organization.

My article in BUSINESS INSIDER published 8thof August 2018.   It may be a cliché, but the assertion that everything in business changes kaleidoscopically perfectly describes today’s global economy. While rigid and entrenched business models are rapidly becoming a thing of the past, the potential of

Automation will not destroy all jobs

It is commonly believed that robotization inevitably will destroy the labor market. Although I am certain that work will change in many ways, either rapidly or slowly, I don’t think all robotization’s impacts will be entirely adverse.

Pessimists predict that technological advances will benefit corporations, not workers. The way they see it, robotization in the manufacturing and service sectors will allow companies to lay off people and destroy jobs en masse. I believe artificial intelligence (AI) will create an abundance of new