FORBES: Big Data: new player in sports

Athlete tracking sensors in playing fields are increasingly popular in stadiums. Big Data has come to sports and gained many ardent fans.

Norbert Biedrzycki forbes sport big data

My article in Forbes published 14 October 2016.

The possibility of predicting success has become one of the main aspects of today’s sports spectacles. Athlete preparation, the marketing of competitions and their delivery to television screens and smartphone displays all carry an enormous price tag. As a result, they entail a risk too huge for any athletes, coaches and producers to want to take. No one can afford uncertainty as to whether the show will succeed. The CEOs, coaches and players must win or, should they fail, at least make the defeat spectacular enough to satisfy viewers. It is viewers that ultimately pay for watching the athletes battle it out. They can watch them with the help of thousands of outside broadcasting vans, cameras, microphones, servers and Wi-Fi lines. Viewers must be given a 100% guarantee of good entertainment…

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