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Data Driven Investor: In the Digital Economy You are For Sale

Today, the world’s economies increasingly rely on the production of intangible goods. So, what should businesses do to become more competitive in an information-driven world?

My article in Data Driven Investor published 29th of September 2019. Data Driven Investor: In the Digital Economy You are For Sale. Not that we aren’t, already, benefiting. I can get anywhere by plane within a few hours. Flight has never been so accessible and affordable. But that’s not

Data Driven Investor: Time We Talked to Our Machines

Today, we can see creatures made by Boston Dynamics jump and run and perform acrobatics. Robots have become as agile as we are. In fact, AI has been acting ever more human-like, and not only in robotics.

My article in Data Driven Investor published 12th of September 2019. We talk to our machines more and more often: the smartphones, computers and digital assistants on our desks. Are keyboards, and the manual operation of electronic devices, becoming obsolete? Over the last few years, artificial intelligence (AI) has

Quantum technology and quantum algorithms are evolving. What will they bring? I hope a lot of good.

What has made quantum computers so exciting lately? Perhaps the fact we are approaching the limits of computing capabilities of the kinds of transistor-based machines we have long been using. They are limited by the laws of physics, which prevent us from packing more processors on chipboard.

Computers are used to solve problems, and the type of problems they solve depends on their algorithms and hardware as well as their capabilities and limitations. Imagine what would happen if you could lift these limitations once and for all? What would modern quantum computers