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Will blockchain trigger a shakedown of the global financial system?

The financial crash of 2008 demonstrated (to some) that large financial institutions need to be closely watched and strictly regulated. The meltdown some believe also demonstrated the need for an alternative to complex, abuse-prone financial instruments held by few, and understood by even fewer.

Many believe that new tool could be the blockchain, with the new currency, the Bitcoin, based on it. Could they put an end to the volatility and opacity of the financial sector? Today, cryptocurrencies are on everyone’s lips, with blockchain – a distributed peer-to-peer database

Leadership in the Digital World – Interim Managers Association

Leadership in the digital age describes the skills needed by leaders in an ever-changing and more complex world.

  Transforming an organization requires the courage leader, awareness of market trends and the ability to choose right people. Perhaps this is a paradox, but in times of high specialization, the leader’s versatility is worth its weight in gold – says Norbert Biedrzycki, passionate about

Business Insider: Authoritarian model of management in the digital economy

Nowadays, being an organization leader can be fascinating and difficult at the same time. Authorities in a rapidly changing reality are not easy, and the power of a person at the head of a company is certainly not given once and for all.

My article in BUSINESS INSIDER published 5thof May 2018.   In the title, I quoted the words of Richard Branson, president of the Virgin Group, who once said that a company for ambitious employees is a trampoline, not limiting shackles. By implication – of course, a

Business Insider: In the era of digital economics, the versatility of a leader is worth its weight in gold

Every contemporary organization must undergo a change process leading to full digitization. Some people may treat it only as an element of adaptation to the contemporary market, and others will see it as a chance for a revolutionary change in the scale of operations.

My article in BUSINESS INSIDER published 2ndof May 2018.   One thing is certain: every modern organization must undergo a change process leading to full digitization. Some will treat it as just an element of adapting to the modern market. Others will see in it a