FORBES: Fall of the hierarchy. Who really rules in your company?

Today’s hierarchical business management models require major changes or at least some degree of tweaking.

Forbes - Norbert Biedrzycki Upadek hierarchii

My article in FORBES published 06 December 2016.

The companies that succeed in the global marketplace tend to operate on the assumption that the services demanded by today’s clients need to be as personalized as possible and that truly valuable employees will not necessarily trust artificially-developed corporate value systems. Such employees will contest such values just as they will established procedures (often for a good reason). As we contemplate the changes we wish to make to streamline operations, we should place particular emphasis on relations among the workers. The culture of start-ups, which are small businesses geared to creating innovative products, centers on selecting the right business partners and workers. Start-ups commonly believe that their success depends on the people. And if the people in an organization have been poorly selected, even the best idea is doomed to flop. Today, this approach inspires both managers and recruiters in top organizations….

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