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The twilight of the leaders

What role will organizational leaders play in the future? They won’t go away, but some believe the charismatic-type company executive will see his role diminish as power, authority, and responsibility gets distributed among largely self-governing groups. Consequently, leaders will have to learn to live without some of the privileges to which they have grown accustomed.

Over the past few decades, the group has become the corporate model for accomplishing work, but the perception of leadership has not changed much; they have been (and are still) seen as powerful individuals who form and direct those groups. Even as late as the

Effective leadership is about being flexible, thinking outside the box, taking risks, and being creative

They teach us that a significant role in the transformation of an organization is played by clearly defined business goals, the relationship of a leader with people and well-chosen communication tools. And although I subscribe to this approach, I personally emphasize something else - individual experiences.

Executive trainers tell us that a key to successfully transforming an organization is clearly defining business goals, ensuring that leaders maintain good relationships with people across the organization, and choosing the right communication tools. Although I agree with this approach, I propose another prerequisite: personal

Lecture at Leon Kozminski Academy – one of leading Polish ecomic universities

I was privileged to be a lecturer at Leon Kozminski Academy. It is a great pleasure, honor but also a lot of fun.

Lecture at Leon Kozminski Academy – one of leading Polish ecomic universities. Thank you Monika Sonta for the invitation. It is a great pleasure, honor but also a lot of fun. Sharing experiences is fun   Leon Kozminski Academy         Related articles: –

Reflections on ethical leadership

The modern leader operates in a world of conflicting interests, expectations and patterns. How does one practice the art of leadership when political and economic systems are in constant flux?

The times when the head of a company was the ultimate, uncontested authority are gone forever. The world in which she or he operates has become too complex, too dynamic. Instead, every day, those at the helm of organizations can expect to encounter volatile markets,