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The Quantum Internet

Quantum computing and the quantum internet represent the most fascinating frontier of information science – extremely promising and full of yet-to-be-unraveled secrets. For global cybersecurity, quantum networks would be a real game-changer.

My article in Data Driven Investor – link I’ve written about how quantum computers work. Now it’s time to talk about quantum networks. I believe research into the potential of the quantum internet is critical to future IT security. Will it provide absolute data security, thwarting

Data Driven Investor: The Technologies Poised to Change the World in 2019

Rapid progress in artificial intelligence will continue to be made and be widely reported. Autonomous vehicles will proliferate, and it would be good to see serious, in-depth articles about industry regulation rather than last year’s sensational coverage focusing on accidents and disasters.

My article in Data Driven Investor published 15th of January 2019. It is not easy to imagine a technology that will receive as much publicity as the blockchain did last year but there’s little doubt that other new and innovative technologies will make even greater inroads into our

How to handle DATA so that you do not go crazy?

Information and data are getting more market value. Therefore, how should the company behave in order to strengthen competitiveness? What benefits can individual customers derive from a world dominated by huge data sets?

My article in BUSINESS INSIDER published 22nd of December 2018.   Today, the world’s economies increasingly rely on the production of intangible goods. So, what should businesses do to become more competitive in an information-driven world? And, just (if not more) importantly, how can we –

Shared economy – sounds like a utopia? Probably so

Imagine an economic system in which concepts such as profit, margin and supply-and-demand were replaced by trust, participation, sharing, and the responsible, sustainable use of resources.

My article in BrandsIT dated 15thof December 2018.   Critics of modern economics, sociologists, advocates of cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, to mention only those with the largest market capitalization), and even the founders of corporations that champion ​​new technologies, all agree: The age we live in