FORBES: Artificial Intelligence is new electricity?

The view that humanity is at the threshold of a great breakthrough is spreading and sounds less and less fantastic. What would he depend on?

Norbert Biedrzycki FORBES Artificial Intelligence

My article in FORBES published 28th of December 2017.


Connecting all people to the global Internet network becomes a fact and it is a matter of the coming years, so that every inhabitant of our planet can have full access to it. This means communication possibilities for us and unlimited use of digital data, products, services and content. Thanks to the “wiring” of our planet, each of us, whether now or soon, will be able to use all of the global, intellectual and cultural achievements of humanity. And what would happen if we connected our brains directly to such global databases? Would a super man be created? Next level in our evolution? Transhumanism? The unity of man and machine?


Human-machine interface

At the level of physical contact with the computer, we are still using our hands and nothing has changed for decades. The change, which can be significant – for efficiency, time saving, and even the feeling that we are closer to the content we create, may be constructing an interface that would allow direct transmission of impulses (thoughts, commands) from our brain to the computer.

I will use here an example of the American company Kernel. In her research initiatives, she focuses on medical solutions that are supposed to lead to understanding the functioning of the human brain. The founder of the company, Brian Johnson, expresses the hope that one day he will be able to “enlarge” the human brain to make us smarter and healthier. Today, Kernel scientists are working on software that will alleviate the effects of neurological diseases and, by the way, build interfaces that directly connect the human brain to the machine. It means direct manipulation of manipulators or robots by our thoughts. …


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