FORBES: What a machine will think when it looks us in the eye

Artificial intelligence will do all of our work for us – it will even find a cure for cancer, claim AI research enthusiasts.

Norbert Biedrzycki Forbes Artificial Intelligence

My article in FORBES published 10 January 2017.

About machine consciousness. In reply to a journalist’s question on whether machines will ever be able to feel, Oren Etzioni, co-founder and CEO of Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, an organization established two years ago by Microsoft co-founder Paul G. Allen, said: “The short answer is no. An expanded one is: no, they won’t – people have an overblown perception of what computers can do in this day and age”. Another notable quote came from Stuart J. Russel, a scientist credited with major contributions to AI research, an author of many publications on the subject: “The biggest obstacle to the development of AI is we have absolutely no idea how the brain produces consciousness. If you gave me a trillion dollars to build a sentient or conscious machine, I would give it back. I don’t get the sense we are any closer to understanding how human consciousness works than we were 50 years ago”.


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  1. Mac McFisher

    God grant free will to the angels and to humans first? The idea that free will to make decisions is only granted to those who will always obey is nothing more than slavery which says little of those under it but volumes on those who impose it.