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Will quantum computers enable us to defy the laws of physics?

Computers are used to solve problems, and the type of problems they solve depends on their algorithms and hardware as well as their capabilities and limitations. Imagine what would happen if you could lift these limitations once and for all? What would modern quantum computers be able to do then?

What has made quantum computers so exciting lately? Perhaps the fact we are approaching the limits of computing capabilities of the kinds of transistor-based machines we have long been using. They are limited by the laws of physics, which prevent us from packing more processors

Four Grim Dreams of Great Technology

Are there limits to this technological universe, which we’ve grown to take for granted? Are there serious warnings looming on the horizon that people are choosing to ignore? Here are a few threats affecting nearly the entire world of technology.

The world has come to a point where life without the pervasive presence of technological gadgets is very hard to imagine. And yet, this technology-filled world is not immune to crises. Which of them scare us the most? The non-technological world is virtually disappearing –

Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Congress

Wykorzystanie technologii przyszłości. Najważniejsze trendy w przemyśle na rok 2019.

12-13 marca w Sheraton Warsaw Hotel odbył się AI & Big Data Congress. Dzięki dużej ilości use case’ów i krótkich debat, kongres w dynamiczny sposób przedstawił kierunek w jakim zmierza cały świat i podał pragmatyczne przykłady wdrożeń, które mają już swoje zastosowanie w firmach. W tym

Leadership in the Digital World – Interim Managers Association

Leadership in the digital age describes the skills needed by leaders in an ever-changing and more complex world.

  Transforming an organization requires the courage leader, awareness of market trends and the ability to choose right people. Perhaps this is a paradox, but in times of high specialization, the leader’s versatility is worth its weight in gold – says Norbert Biedrzycki, passionate about