Key achievements in Sygnity 2010-2012

Second biggest software house and system integrator in Poland; 3000 employees.


Role: President of the Board and CEO


At the time 2nd biggest software house and system integrator in Poland. Main focus: large & mid-sized ICT projects with own cloud-based solutions for SME with 10+ k clients in 1st year. Listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 1998. Key industries where company served it’s clients: Public sector, Banking, Telco and Utilities.


Key achievements:

  • Successful company turnaround within 9 months, reduced costs by EUR 20 million
  • Share price from EUR 3 to EUR 7; company valuation growth by 240% within 14 months
  • Changed organizational structure to focus on key market sectors; reduced number of FTEs from 3000 to 1700
  • Increase net profit from losses EUR -28 million in 2009 to EUR 4.5 million in 2012
  • Increased revenue by 15%
  • Won significant tenders in the public & energy sector
  • Launched new division of major ECE software house for deployment of IT application development services to B2B and B2C clients within cloud
  • New business lines: outsourcing, cloud, SaaS, SMB, mobile apps incl. banking


Sygnity stock price ENG

Sygnity valuation increase 2010-2012



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