BUSINESS INSIDER: Artificial Intelligence Sexual Revolution

Our life is driven by a search for intimacy, emotions and communication with others. And that's all there is in sex. Is there a next wave of a sexual revolution but this time driven by a Artificial Intelligence?

My article in BUSINESS INSIDER published 10nd of July 2017.


Nwadays robotic discussions often involve the consequences of the presence of machines in our workplaces. And yet Artificial Intelligence in the form of humanoid means complex problems much more extensive. Because our lives are not just work …

Our life is driven by a search for intimacy, emotions and communication with others. And that’s all there is in sex. Is there a next wave of a sexual revolution but this time driven by a Artificial Intelligence?

In a Ex Machina movie, we watch how the feeling arises between man and artificially created beauty. The extraordinary, humanoid character from Alex Garland’s film is fascinating because, like us – expresses emotions, asks questions, becomes a partner for subtle considerations. And to do everything neatly moves and what is important – is not deprived of sexual attractiveness. The whole story is primarily about the interesting question of future relations between people and machines. Relationships that can become increasingly complex, embodying the enormous scale of emotions, desires, and fears.


Ex Machina Official Teaser Trailer


What can an ideal lover do?

The idea of ​​a machine, sex-robot or doll – as a sexual gadget – is obviously not new. However, it has only been a few years since erotic inventors have begun to wonder how to refine sexual products using the latestavailable and potential near-future technology. …


Movie poster “Ex Machina” with the signature “What will happen to me if I do not pass your test?”


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  1. TommyG

    The robot would act ‘as if’ it loved you, but it would not love you any more than a rock would love you. Is this moral? Should such devices be banned?

    Personally, I think not, as long as we understand exactly what we are getting into bed with. People already get into bed with animated yet lifeless artefacts. There are artefacts on the market that enable people to experience orgasms. Are machine generated orgasms as good as the real human deal? Who is to judge? Opinions differ.

    I do not see a persuasive case for banning sex toys, whether they are manually or remotely piloted or even embodied and autonomous. However, there is a case for a health warning to ensure people know about unidirectional emotional bonding. Robots may be able to perform sex acts today but it may be decades or centuries before they can return your love.The Conversation

  2. Oscar2

    I find the whole sex robot thing really interesting. I go back and forth. I’m in an optimistic view at the moment. If they got to a proper look and feel – to a westworld point – I think they could benefit women. Women keep their social relationships, men don’t. Women will still have their human interaction with other women. It’s the men that will be alone. And if men objectify the robots and not us- that could be good too.

  3. ZoraBora

    It is very silly to believe this won’t affect women. The biggest “no duh” study of all time was published recently, the results of which concluded that porn made men more misogynistic.
    I invite you to think just how misogynistic these sex dolls will make men. They will still run the world, and we will still have the deal with them. These dolls will start out as icky, low-brow, and the purview of perverts at first, just like porn, and then they will go mainstream. Once they are mainstream (likely at the point of more sophisticated AI) they will virtually replace women for some men. It’s not that these men are a loss, it’s that we will still have to interact with these men and our fates will still be decided by these men, and they will no longer see us as quite human (if they did before).
    Also, it’s incredibly naive to think “women will just make other social relationships.” Liberal feminism exists right now because of straight women wanting to please men while not being either conservative or feeling like total pushovers. We have in modern feminism a movement that lobbies for exactly the opposite of that for which it purports to lobby, because of just how low women will go to stay with and cater to their men; do we really think women won’t just end up tolerating their husbands and boyfriends having these dolls even if they don’t like it (just like porn), or even being forced to participate in sex acts with them? Or being groomed into wanting to (or saying they want to) be a part of the sex-doll harem movement? One of the biggest problems of the entire feminist movement is organizing women who love, sleep with, and defend their oppressors! OF COURSE THEY WILL!

  4. And99rew

    Men will do *whatever they want* to these sex dolls. Some are right now being actively marketed as rape dolls. Men who spend time forcing dolls will, when they switch to real women, also attempt to force those real women. They won’t just be absolutely horrible in bed (worse than they already are, because they’re so fucking selfish due to patriarchy and porn), they’ll be even more inclined to rape their partners than they are now. This is quite literally conditioning men into sexual narcissism, the most basic element at play when it comes to sexual offending. Having a partner who never says “no” and has no wants or needs of her own but is a literal object will be virtual reality porn to these men; they’ll be able to violate her any way they want, and even just her inability to say “no” and their constant use of all her orifices (even without explicit rape play) will make them feel entitled to these things, and it will be a rude shock when they date a real woman again. I dated a man like this, who could not accept my “no,” and he raped me. I don’t think he conceptualized it as violence (at first, perhaps, although later he got a huge thrill out of forcing me, and out of manipulating me into not leaving him), but what he did was rape and it severely traumatized me. I became an object to him. (Interestingly, when he gave me his lame “apology” for having raped me, what he said was that he “missed my friendship.” I guess he found it’s mutually exclusive to have both a fully-human girlfriend and a sex object fuck-doll be the same person. I found that, too).