BlockchainTech Congress II

The motto behind the event was "Revolution is comming". Is blockchain really a revolution? Frequently, there have been answers to such questions from industry specialists.

BlockchainTech II conference Norbert Biedrzycki

On October 1-2, BlockchainTech Congress was held. The event was an opportunity to meet business, suppliers, regulators and technologies. 43 speakers attended over 27 speeches and attracted over 600 people in two days.

A revolution like the Internet is ahead of us. During BlockchainTech Congress, participants could take a big step towards the current changes on the market. Everyone who participated in the Event can be sure that it is up to date with technology that is already affecting many sectors of the economy and will soon become a widely used standard in business.

The event began with the common part of BlockchainTech Congress and AI & Big Data Congress. After the ceremonial launch of the Congress by the Presidents of the Program Councils, Norbert Biedrzycki and Tomasz Motyl, blockchain technology experts together with professionals in the field of artificial intelligence and big data, discussed the futuristic vision of the future.

The motto behind the event was “Revolution is comming”. Is blockchain really a revolution? Frequently, there have been answers to such questions from industry specialists.

The conference, rich in debates as well as solo speeches, touched on various topics that were able to both introduce into the blockchain world of total laymen and satisfy the needs of more experts in the subject.

In the middle of the first day, Norbert Biedrzycki (Chairman of the BlockchainTech Congress Program Council) and Mariusz Sperczyński ( conducted a blockchain technology simulation. As a result, the viewer could not only see what it is all about, but also become a participant co-creating a simulated chain of blocks. A great thing, thanks to which even “casual” listeners later had an easier task to find themselves in the terminology used by the speakers.

This was extremely important due to the fact that commonly the same blockchain technology is associated mainly with cryptocurrencies. The mere popularization of this technology came with the dynamic growth of the Bitcoin rate, which glued her not necessarily positive and truth-reflecting label. Meanwhile, virtual currencies only use it, and applications and capabilities have much more.

During the two days of Congress, leading companies presented their examples of using this technology in their company. Anyone who wanted to gain an advantage over the competition and learn about specific examples of solutions implemented using blockchains, already knows what direction to implement to their company. All thanks to debates, speeches and use cases conducted by practitioners of this technology. There were also opportunities to ask questions and clarify doubts, and after the official part, the time to conclude priceless business relationships.
They shared their knowledge about blockchain technology:Tomasz Buczak, Emmanuel Djengue, Dave Ebbitt, dr hab. Iwona Karasek-Wojciechowicz, Tomasz Kozar, Karolina Marzantowicz, Manuel Machado, Michał Turalski, Szymon Wałach and Max Wang.


Conference website: Link


Summary of the conference: Link


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  1. TommyG

    Because it creates a permanent record of anything you desire over time, a record that no one can change. You can interact with it, search through it and add your own records to it. It can be used for all kinds of recording and archiving: legal, financial, government, education, and anything else you can think of.

  2. Zidan78

    I can see there at least few projects that have either been claimed as scams or gone bankrupt. Also, Hyperledger is not represented solely by IBM. The Fabric implementation is indeed backed by the Big Blue, but there are several more projects under the Hyperledger Umbrella.

    Can you please have a look at the list once again? If we want to have the blockchain usage widespread we should not be providing imprecise information.

  3. tom lee

    A cryptocurrency allows the network to algorithmically trade the electricity from any (small scale) producer on the network to any consumer in real time. Such a network will enable people to share electricity from their solar panels, gasoline engines, or even conventional power outlet, together with a (satellite) internet connection, with their neighbours who might not have these resources.

  4. ZoraBora

    Looks like a hell of a conference. All the best