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Will blockchain transform the stock market?

Blockchain can make it easier to transfer property rights and other assets by reducing transactional costs and boosting trust between investors. But can it be used by the world’s largest stock exchanges?

The rules that govern trades in financial assets have changed little over the past two or three centuries. Some say those rules have worked relatively well (apart from a few world-shattering crashes now and then). Does it need to change? Should it change? Can it

Will blockchain trigger a shakedown of the global financial system?

The financial crash of 2008 demonstrated (to some) that large financial institutions need to be closely watched and strictly regulated. The meltdown some believe also demonstrated the need for an alternative to complex, abuse-prone financial instruments held by few, and understood by even fewer.

Many believe that new tool could be the blockchain, with the new currency, the Bitcoin, based on it. Could they put an end to the volatility and opacity of the financial sector? Today, cryptocurrencies are on everyone’s lips, with blockchain – a distributed peer-to-peer database

Dear citizen, blockchain will change your life!

Blockchain promises big business benefits. And what about ordinary citizens and voters? Could this technology work well in public administration?

My article in FORBES dated December 21st, 2018.   Blockchain can definitely affect social organizations. Can the new technology be used successfully in public administration as well? Will it help governments inspire trust in citizens and make the latter feel they are better represented in

BlockchainTech Congress II

The motto behind the event was "Revolution is comming". Is blockchain really a revolution? Frequently, there have been answers to such questions from industry specialists.

On October 1-2, BlockchainTech Congress was held. The event was an opportunity to meet business, suppliers, regulators and technologies. 43 speakers attended over 27 speeches and attracted over 600 people in two days. A revolution like the Internet is ahead of us. During BlockchainTech Congress,