Meeting of the Advisory Board of BlockchainTech2018

Norbert Biedrzycki blockchainTech

Preparations for the second edition of BlockchainTech Congress. Yesterday in The Westin Warsaw Hotel, the Program Council met. We already know what our experts will discuss during the autumn edition of BlockchainTech2018. Speakers will consider what to do so that regulations do not interfere with the efficient operation of technology. We will show a lot of blockchain use cases, across different industries. Topic of as security, treat of quantum communing or conjunction od AI and blockchain will be raised.




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  1. John McLean

    Blockchain holds multiple advantages over conventional currency and has been hailed by critics and proponents alike as a more efficient way to transfer information. This is due to the unique way that blockchain records transfers on a ledger and thus reduces the possibility of a “double spend”, the idea that a token or unit of currency can be spent more than once. Whilst individual digital wallets or exchanges have been hacked, the problems have been due to poor coding and a lack of awareness of or focus on cyber security. The problems found at SWIFT, a worldwide major financial transaction system, however, are much more alarming. Tens of millions of dollars have been stolen each year from the global financial system since 2015 and this failure comes from the nature of the system relying so heavily on trusted central authorities.
    On top politicians have frequently put the interests of the few ahead of the interests of the many or simply been inept at running an economy. As a result, corrupt politicians in places like Venezuela and Zimbabwe have ruined their economies.

  2. Tom299

    Another blockchain conference in the air. Plenty of them nowadays