Business Insider: Ledger of all ledgers. This is what blockchain is and why it will change everything

A distributed, secure, widely available and trustworthy database. There is definitely something amazing and unbelievable in this.

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My article in BUSINESS INSIDER published 4th of March 2018.


Blockchain is a universal transaction ledger, allowing registration and tracking of every operation carried out within it, distributed throughout the Internet in thousands, non-editable copies, in the pre-peer model and secured with advanced cryptographic methods.

The easiest way to compare it is to an accounting ledger – publicly available, global and allowing each of its users to register and view transactions such as financial transactions, property deeds or eg contracts. But the information who made the transaction is confidential, available only to the owner of the transaction. The programmable, open nature of blockchain will completely rebuild the financial sector. And even more – some of its supervisory and accounting elements will be unnecessary. Trade processes, information exchange will become transparent and faster and much cheaper, with no costs incurred for maintaining the entire financial system in the world. Public trust institutions – banks, stock exchanges and financial transaction agents also see great potential in it, but also a threat to maintaining the status quo.

One of the most important features of the blockchain is that all users who decide to use this “ledger” have access to its copy, and each copy automatically registers any changes made within it. Blockchain is a distributed system, which means that there is no central source of processed data.

The security of its use and application, which seems to be its most important feature, results from the application of mathematical algorithms and rules of cryptography. Blockchain can register transactions: sales, exchanges, authorizations, electronic signatures and actually any operation that is associated with the validation of any form of assets.


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