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How to handle DATA so that you do not go crazy?

Information and data are getting more market value. Therefore, how should the company behave in order to strengthen competitiveness? What benefits can individual customers derive from a world dominated by huge data sets?

My article in BUSINESS INSIDER published 22nd of December 2018.   Today, the world’s economies increasingly rely on the production of intangible goods. So, what should businesses do to become more competitive in an information-driven world? And, just (if not more) importantly, how can we –

Smart contracts on blockchain can revolutionize contracting mechanisms

One of the important features of the blockchain is that it eliminates intermediaries by directly connecting the parties to the transaction. Blockchain can be used to conclude contracts that would not require interference or confirmation by either party.

My article in BUSINESS INSIDER published 18th of November 2018.   The last two years have brought a lot of publications and discussions about trends and technologies within artificial intelligence. This year, the attention of the media and bloggers is primarily caught by the blockchain. It

What is direction of transformation of the financial sector?

For centuries, trade has become an extremely complicated process, the complexity of which has deepened globalization - at the moment everyone can trade with everyone, anyone, anywhere in the world. If we change the perspective a bit, we will see that each transaction is de facto information.

My article in BrandsIT dated September 28th, 2018.   Once people began to conduct transactions over distances greater than one man carrying a bag could travel, or that included more stuff than the bag could hold, a third-party (that people on both ends of the

The times of authoritarian bosses are over. What determines the success of the leader today?

Today, communication is important, the ability to discover potential in the team members, the partner flow of ideas between colleagues. A contemporary leader inspires and motivates others through his own commitment and passion.

My article in BUSINESS INSIDER published 25th of September 2018.   As noted in my other articles, over the past few decades, leaders have been seen as powerful individuals who head groups of people. Even as late as the mid-20thcentury, companies employed the authoritarian model of