BUSINESS INSIDER: They are terrifying, but are they justified? Here are 4 myths about artificial intelligence

Big Brother has always been watching us. After all, he is online, meaning he can access our e-mails, bank statements, phone calls and social media posts.


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Business Insider Norbert Biedrzycki

My article in BUSINESS INSIDER published 24th of June 2017.


Big Brother has always been watching us, except that these days, he does it far more efficiently and thoroughly. After all, he is online, meaning he can access our e-mails, bank statements, phone calls and social media posts. He can also easily structure the information he retrieves to produce reports on how valuable specific individuals are for society. And it is going to get worse. Because soon assembly lines in factories will be “manned” by emotionless robots. The few, chosen ones that will get to keep their jobs will be subjugated to the decisions of taciturn metal-encased supervisors with very few humanoid features. Their speech synthesizers, cameras and their ability to process natural language will enable them to ask us questions, monitor our behavior and keep track of our efficiency. To what end? To assess whether we are still fit for purpose.


Neither will we find relief in our smart homes. Surveillance will grow ever more permanent and pervasive, extending even to our bedrooms and bathrooms. Wall-embedded sensors will follow our every move. Our morning cough will be noticed and instantly reported to our health insurer. The pharmacist will prepare the relevant medicine ahead of our arrival. Even our beloved self-driving cars will lull us into lowering our guard. They will unwittingly transform us from drivers to passive passengers, left at the mercy of the computer under the hood. And that computer will be busy, constantly processing algorithms. Algorithms of life and death that will determine whether we have the right to live in this neatly arranged society. …


Link to the full article (in Polish)


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