LatoHR Summer 2017 Conference

During 2017 Summer edition I was a speaker on panel titled "Agile in Human Resurcess".


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LatoHR Norbert Biedrzycki

During 2017 Summer edition I was a speaker on panel titled “Agile in Human Resurcess”. LatoHR. Key questions:

– Can agility competence be tested in a simulated environment?

– What is the idea for agile recruitment?


Link to the conference (in Polish)


Pic1 Norbert Biedrzycki LatoHR


Pic2 Norbert Biedrzycki LatoHR


Pic3 Norbert Biedrzycki LatoHR


Pic4 Norbert Biedrzycki LatoHR


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    • Norbert Biedrzycki  

      Agile HR manifesto:

      We are uncovering better ways of developing an engaging workplace culture by doing it and helping others do it.
      Through this work we have come to value:
      – Collaborative networks over hierarchical structures
      – Transparency over secrecy
      – Adaptability over prescriptiveness
      – Inspiration and engagement over management and retention
      – Intrinsic motivation over extrinsic rewards
      – Ambition over obligation