Passion – I work because I like it

Passion is the key value in our work life. If you lack passion sooner or later your work results will be unsatisfactory regardless of the field or position.

Norbert Biedrzycki PracujeBoLubie

Interview for dated 22 Nov 2016

Do you like your job and if so, why do you like it?

Of course I like my job, especially because of the fact, that I have an opportunity to work with competent and inspiring people on daily basis. I keep in mind the people from Atos, but also our customers and business partners. It drives me to action, it gives me a lot of good energy and a chance of continuous personal growth. In addition to that, every day I have a contact with most modern technologies, together with the team we set trends, we implement breakthrough innovations and we look for new solutions for the ever-changing customers’ requirements.

What do you like most about Mondays?

The fact, that every week they bring something new. All newly occurring tasks and challenges cause adrenaline kick and motivate me to perform through whole week.

How do you find motivation for work every day?

What keeps me motivated is the world of business, that I am surrounded with. I get motivated also by the goals that we need to realize together with the team, successes we reach together and successes of others – those last ones motivate me in a slightly different aspect, driving me to action.

How did you figure out what turns you on in life? What was the most difficult about it?

In music school I was supposed to be a pianist. Quickly I realized it was not my cup of tea and keeping it secret from my parents, I enlisted myself to percussion class. The most difficult part of it was to keep it secret until the day of the first performance.

The thing that turns me on the most in terms of my profession are technologies of the future, which diametrically change or will be changing the life of every human being on the globe (sooner or later). Devices and solutions from such areas as Internet of Things, Virtual/Augmented Reality, Machine learning or Big Data in more or less spectacular way have already changed people’s life in XXI century. Last 10 years were a huge progress in these areas and I am fascinated with such aspects of coexistence of people and machines as: where will that take us? Where is the boarder of total trust in computers/machines/systems? Is their development potentially dangerous? I think, that the world of science and technology should respond to these questions along with presenting further groundbreaking solutions.

Have you always been motivated? Which moment do you consider critical in the history of your career? 

I am ambitious by nature. I set up my goals and I pursue them. Motivation arises itself also, among others, thanks to the aforementioned factors. A critical moment in my career was my return from consulting area (McKinsey) to IT. The transition from an advisory position to inside of business, where assuming responsibility for the results of the company, duly management of people and organization is required and where prioritization most often equals doing 100% and not 20/80 of most important things according to Pareto Principle.

Is there someone who inspires you to work/development? An author? A book? A person?

Certainly I am inspired with Richard Branson – the founder of the power of Virgin brand. His custom approach to business doesn’t prevent him neither from achieving huge success (despite of initial failures – his first business collapsed) nor from revolutionizing all the areas of his action. Just to give an example – here is one of his quotes, which illustrates his approach to life and business: “In business, as in life, all that matters is that you do something positive”.

Another person, who inspires me is Marc Benioff, the founder of I admire his visionary and consequence, which results in a continuous growth of the company he founded. His approach to philanthropy and his care of the world we live in also deserve admiration.

Does it happen to you to have worse days in terms of motivation? What is it that helps you then?

As to everyone it also happens to me to have worse moments, but it never is a doubt in the final success. In such moments of overload I try to divide a problem to several smaller ones in order to find a solution. The problem then turns into a challenge and new opportunity on the horizon gives me another kick of motivation.

Choose one of the values, that is a key one for your work and define its meaning.

Passion – in my opinion is a key value in the context of every work. If there is a lack of passion, sooner or later the results of work will become unsatisfactory regardless of the field and position. As I mentioned earlier – I am lucky to work in the company and the industry that I am interested in. Thanks to that, I can entirely devote myself to the activities we run together with the team.

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