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Algorithms born of our prejudices

Are algorithms capable of discrimination? I am afraid they are. What complicates the question is the fact that algorithm developers can hardly be accused of malicious intent. How then could a mathematical formula put individuals and communities in harm’s way?

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Start-ups and corporations. What can they learn from each other?

Start-ups can be very compelling in their steadfast conviction that the things they do are special. Unfortunately, in most cases, their eager spirit alone won’t secure their survival. Can the values espoused by fledgling entrepreneurs nevertheless inspire large-company CEOs? Or perhaps it is the latter that can serve as role models for small businesses?

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FORBES: Golden boy

Norbert Biedrzycki became famous as an efficient restructuring company. Now he has a chance to play more offensively. As a lucky Chevrolet Camaro 79-year-old owner with a 500-horsepower Norbert Biedrzycki,…