BUSINESS INSIDER: Can a man still exists, if is wiped-out by computer?

Unfortunately, data processing errors can lead to situations with dangerous social consequences.

Norbert Biedrzycki Czy człowiek dalej istnieje, gdy skasuje go komputer


My article in BUSINESS INSIDER published 4 March 2017.


Can machines replace people?

Unfortunately, data processing errors can lead to situations far more complex than those described above, – situations with dangerous social consequences. Poorly designed algorithms can push people to “boil over”. An example? A well-publicized case from the last US presidential campaign. A Facebook newsfeed confronted the site’s astounded readers with news that an employee of the conservative Fox News TV station had helped Hillary Clinton in her election campaign. This unverified and completely fictitious newsflash went viral. Ultimately, the false news was taken down and voters calmed down. Interestingly, however, the story took place three days after Facebook announced that its trending news section was firing its staff, whose jobs would now be performed by… algorithms. The incident put wind into the sails of Artificial Intelligence critics, who immediately, as is their custom, raised an uproar, claiming the technology was unreliable and had more drawbacks than benefits. …


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  1. Mac McFisher

    Interesting topic. AI can be researched, and it is a research, in that sense it is a reality today. That it would be capable of learning anything, yes that’s possible. But there is a huge gap between being capable, and doing much at all. I think it is important as a theoretical research, and extremely important as such. Good article. But thesis has a potential for a longer elaboration

    • Jacek B2

      This might be a true statement. But this uses the same supporting facts as people who argue that AI can never replace humans because AI can never be “creative”