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The clash of the dark side and the bright side. What is human-friendly AI?

Is it time yet we thought of a “red safety button” in the event AI gets out of control? Or should we respond to our fear of an algorithmic armageddon more constructively by designing human-friendly AI?

The idea of a symbolic kill switch that would instantly neutralize hostile algorithms is not foreign to the average person nor to tech industry moguls and celebrity scientists. There is no point citing the repeated warnings of Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Yuval Harrari and Stephen Hawking regarding

Leadership. It takes a wider perspective to win

Whether they want it or not, leaders are cogs in a fast-moving machine, which requires them to clip their claws regularly. They must fight to keep their moral backbones from being crushed. What are some of the hard choices they face?

So, you have the power to inspire people and an appetite for innovative projects? Excellent. Test your resolve now at a meeting with the board or an owner who tells you that – yes, your project can get greenlit, but … (here comes the familiar

The potential of Artificial Intelligence and automation bring new challenges to contemporary leaders

Fixed business models in the modern digital economy have gone down in history, and the potential of artificial intelligence and automation put new challenges ahead of today's leaders in the organization.

My article in BUSINESS INSIDER published 8thof August 2018.   It may be a cliché, but the assertion that everything in business changes kaleidoscopically perfectly describes today’s global economy. While rigid and entrenched business models are rapidly becoming a thing of the past, the potential of

When will we stop being biological people?

Intellectual currents that accompany the development of modern technology are as fascinating as technology itself.

When will we stop being biological people? My article in BUSINESS INSIDER published 6th of January 2018.   Artificial Intelligence is a great promise to many of us. Better, easier, longer life. Maybe even something more. The technological revolutions that are taking place today are: machine