When will we stop being biological people?

Intellectual currents that accompany the development of modern technology are as fascinating as technology itself.

Norbert Biedrzycki Kiedy przestaniemy być biologicznymi ludźmi?

When will we stop being biological people? My article in BUSINESS INSIDER published 6th of January 2018.


Artificial Intelligence is a great promise to many of us. Better, easier, longer life. Maybe even something more. The technological revolutions that are taking place today are: machine learning, deep learning and cognitive computing (in short, machines that are able to learn from their own mistakes or from patterns stored in their databases), intelligent technology in our daily lives: autonomous vehicles and Internet of Things (with its function of combining devices into one, intelligent organism). Extremely important are the multiplication of computing capabilities of computers based on complex algorithms and neural networks (recognition of the natural language, establishing a voice interaction with humans, big data analysis of various nature and form). All this led us for example to intelligent voice assistants who often take the form of empathetic advisors, common automation of business processes, robotization or popularization of the enhanced and virtual reality…


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