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What’s being done with your face?

Pattern and facial recognition is revolutionizing medicine, the automotive industry and marketing and making people’s lives easier. However, these advances have a dark side to them too. You should prepare for the fact that your face may attract a lot of interest in the coming years.

Algorithms prejudices Norbert Biedrzycki blog

Algorithms born of our prejudices

Are algorithms capable of discrimination? I am afraid they are. What complicates the question is the fact that algorithm developers can hardly be accused of malicious intent. How then could a mathematical formula put individuals and communities in harm’s way?

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Will AI save the labor market?

In many industries, digital technology reduces demand for human labor, and increases the net gain of intelligent machine ownership, such machines being cheaper than people. According to McKinsey, the digital revolution will put nearly 400 million people out of a job by 2030.

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Learn like a machine, if not harder

I find it quite hard to imagine a world in which almost all work is automated and only a select few privileged people get to hold a job. I am nevertheless of the opinion that those who fail to continue learning throughout their lifetimes are going to end up on the peripheries of the job market.

Time we talked to our machines Norbert Biedrzycki blog

Time we talked to our machines

Over the last few years, artificial intelligence (AI) has advanced rapidly, with developers regularly reporting new breakthroughs. AI algorithms work ever faster. Until recently, skeptics argued it would take ages…

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Will algorithms commit war crimes?

Will algorithms commit war crimes? It’s clear that the military is developing smart technologies. We owe many of the innovations we know from civilian applications to military R&D, including the internet itself (which began as Arpanet), email, and autonomous vehicles. But today modern weaponry relying on machine and deep learning can achieve a worrisome autonomy.

blog Are you still human Norbert Biedrzycki

Hello. Are you still human?

For many people, artificial intelligence (AI) holds the promise of better, easier and longer lives. Perhaps even more. The unfolding AI revolution, complete with machine learning, deep learning and cognitive…

Robots awaiting judges Norbert Biedrzycki

Robots awaiting judges

Planet of the Machines: Questions for a New Age   Humans tend to become flustered when confronted with a rapidly changing reality, and let’s not exclude our lawyers and legislators….

Can robots sin Norbert Biedrzycki

Can robots sin?

Each of us makes numerous decisions daily that concern essential ethical issues. Our daily choices between good and evil are largely habitual, many of them aren’t even noticed by us….

How machines think Norbert Biedrzycki

How machines think

Technological advances make you wonder: is this the start of a new world ruled by intelligent machines? Is there such thing as artificial intelligence? The development of artificial intelligence in…