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How far are we to ethical machines?

Will we be safe when surrounded by machines? Cautious estimates say that in 2025 the share of autonomous cars in the total car market will increase to 13% and reach USD 42 billion.

My article in BrandsIT dated June 27th, 2018.   Developers involved in creating algorithms used in autonomous cars should be prepared for the fact that their work may soon become the subject of heated ethical debate. The growing popularity of autonomous vehicles is already occupied

Reflections on ethical leadership

The modern leader operates in a world of conflicting interests, expectations and patterns. How does one practice the art of leadership when political and economic systems are in constant flux?

The times when the head of a company was the ultimate, uncontested authority are gone forever. The world in which she or he operates has become too complex, too dynamic. Instead, every day, those at the helm of organizations can expect to encounter volatile markets,

The new world of quantum computers

What will the world look like in which every information will be available in the blink of an eye? In the blink of an eye, but of course not for everyone, only those who will be equipped with quantum computers.

My article in BrandsIT dated June 19, 2018.   Why, despite the fact that quantum computers have been known since the 1980s, it was only in the last few years that they began to arouse great emotions? Experts even say that we are getting closer

Automation will not destroy all jobs

It is commonly believed that robotization inevitably will destroy the labor market. Although I am certain that work will change in many ways, either rapidly or slowly, I don’t think all robotization’s impacts will be entirely adverse.

Pessimists predict that technological advances will benefit corporations, not workers. The way they see it, robotization in the manufacturing and service sectors will allow companies to lay off people and destroy jobs en masse. I believe artificial intelligence (AI) will create an abundance of new