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BUSINESS INSIDER: What is blockchain? All you need to know

A system that can't be cracked and has the potential to transform industries.

My article in BUSINESS INSIDER published 29 December 2016. Blockchain is a technology used to store and transfer information on Internet transactions arranged into successive data blocks. A single block contains data on a specific transaction. Once a block fills up with data, another one is created, followed

End of the world we know, welcome to the digital reality

Any company that goes digital is inevitably looking to dramatically transform its structure. Its IT unit does not necessarily have to take over the helm and run its operations. The head of IT does not need to become a guru known for singlehanded decision-making.

    Digitization affects organizations Organizations established in the digital economy often rely on casual hierarchies. They tend to be managed by people who make immediate decisions. For a modern network organization, the tangible effects of such decisions are more important than the processes that

FORBES: A hidden social networks lurks within your company. Find it!

Formal structures no longer do the job. Managers today are becoming increasingly aware of the value of informal networks – the relationships that actually drive their companies.

My article in FORBES published 20 December 2016. “We work hard to make sure that everyone at Facebook has access to as much information as possible about every part of the company so they can make the best decisions and have the greatest impact”, says Mark Zuckerberg. These

Code Europe Warsaw 2017

The largest software development conference in Poland, 80 speakers, more than 100 workshops. Norbert Biedrzycki as a key speaker.

The largest software development conference in Poland, 80 speakers, more than 100 workshops. Place to share experiences, knowledge, best practices with international industry leaders, key developers, managers, clients on latest technology trends, case studies, projects. Norbert Biedrzycki was a speaker on panel titled “How new