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Want to know who the leader is? Ask him to make a key decision

One of the most valuable things that effective leaders can offer organizations is the ability to make the right decisions. The way they make them distinguishes outstanding leaders from those who are just average.

According to various estimates, every person makes dozens to hundreds of decisions daily, most of them automatically and without reflection. Most of the time, no specific competencies or sacrifice are required and no serious risks are involved. The decisions made in organizations are also typically

Want to know who the leader is? Ask him to decide

Every person makes hundreds of decisions daily, most automatically and without reflection. The decisions made in organizations also are mostly routine, practically automatic.

My article in Data Driven Investor published 25th of January 2019. One of the most valuable things an effective leader can offer an organization is the ability to make decisions, hopefully the right ones.  However, it is the way the decision is made that separates outstanding leaders

Leadership in the Digital World – Interim Managers Association

Leadership in the digital age describes the skills needed by leaders in an ever-changing and more complex world.

  Transforming an organization requires the courage leader, awareness of market trends and the ability to choose right people. Perhaps this is a paradox, but in times of high specialization, the leader’s versatility is worth its weight in gold – says Norbert Biedrzycki, passionate about

The power of collective leadership

New leadership paradigm should be conceived as a continuous and collective process taking place within a network of employees and managers. The organization’s thinking would change from “who are our leaders?” To “what conditions does the organization need to meet for leadership to effectively strengthen emerging networks and relationships?”

My article in data driven investor published 05thof Dec 2018. What role will organizational leaders play in the future? They won’t go away, but some believe the charismatic-type company executive will see his role diminish as power, authority, and responsibility gets distributed among largely self-governing groups.