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Artificial intelligence – real threats or groundless fears?

Emotions vs. mathematics. People have traits that artificial intelligence will never possess: unpredictability, lack of logic and emotions.

Artificial intelligence – real threats or groundless fears? The world’s greatest thinkers, including the author Stanisław Lem, the Nobel prize winners Stephen Hawking and Frank Wilczek, and the mathematician John McCarthy, have warned against the rising threat from intelligent machines. The threat isn’t only about

Work of the future – reinventing work

Machines will replace humans in performing the most repetitive jobs. However, this expected robotization and automation of repetitive processes will not be the only or even the most important change that we are likely to see in the future labor market.

Man at assembly line The film Modern Times starring Charlie Chaplin features a scene showing factory workers struggle to cope with a conveyor belt. Chaplin’s character is one of the workers. Unable to keep up with the production line’s breakneck pace, he ends up trapped

Internet bubble 2.0

Is internet bubble threat real? Is it going to strike again? The memories of the spring of 2000 are still alive.

  Tulip mania. First economic bubble The winter of 1637 saw a massive crash of the tulip bulb market. With their prices long growing and the hope was that the trend would continue indefinitely. But then they reached a point where no one could afford

The bomb is still ticking

I find certain places and stories particularly moving. Last spring, I visited Chernobyl, which made quite an impression on me. Here is its history.

History On Saturday, 26 April 1986, an experiment was being prepared in one of the four reactors of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in the north of what is now Ukraine. Its aim was to see how long the reactor could run on a small