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The twilight of the leaders

What role will organizational leaders play in the future? They won’t go away, but some believe the charismatic-type company executive will see his role diminish as power, authority, and responsibility gets distributed among largely self-governing groups. Consequently, leaders will have to learn to live without some of the privileges to which they have grown accustomed.

Over the past few decades, the group has become the corporate model for accomplishing work, but the perception of leadership has not changed much; they have been (and are still) seen as powerful individuals who form and direct those groups. Even as late as the

Smart contracts on blockchain can revolutionize contracting mechanisms

One of the important features of the blockchain is that it eliminates intermediaries by directly connecting the parties to the transaction. Blockchain can be used to conclude contracts that would not require interference or confirmation by either party.

My article in BUSINESS INSIDER published 18th of November 2018.   The last two years have brought a lot of publications and discussions about trends and technologies within artificial intelligence. This year, the attention of the media and bloggers is primarily caught by the blockchain. It