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BlockchainTech Congress 2018

A revolution is coming. Blockchain is changing reality and the functioning of the economy, just like the internet once did. BlockchainTech Congress allows the participants to get to know how this breaking technology works, its potential and implementation, as well as the legal-regulatory threat.

Every day, hundreds of thousands of people are looking for answers to the questions: Should we be afraid of blockchain technology? How can blockchain revolutionize the world? How to prepare for attempts to regulate blockchain technology and the newly emerging market? How can energy gain

Fund Forum Analiz online conference

Fintech is changing reality - say hello to the robot. Future of the banking sector in the context of the development of the FinTech industry, influence of blockchain technology on the development of financial services, future of the financial advisor profession in the context of progressing automation and robo advisory.

On March 27th, 2018, the 8th edition of Fund Forum Analiz Online took place at the Warsaw Hilton Hotel. It is the largest and most prestigious investment conference on the Polish market, a unique group of speakers and guests from renowned investment companies in Poland

Business Insider: Ledger of all ledgers. This is what blockchain is and why it will change everything

A distributed, secure, widely available and trustworthy database. There is definitely something amazing and unbelievable in this.

My article in BUSINESS INSIDER published 4th of March 2018.   Blockchain is a universal transaction ledger, allowing registration and tracking of every operation carried out within it, distributed throughout the Internet in thousands, non-editable copies, in the pre-peer model and secured with advanced cryptographic methods.

FORBES: Will a quantum computer become a curse of cryptocurrency?

Theoretical foundations of quantum computers were described in the 1980s of the last century. It is only recently that technology has caught up with theory, allowing it to build the first quantum computers. Will their appearance cause the blockchain to become obsolete?

My article in FORBES on March 13, 2018.   An unquestionable pioneer of technology behind quantum computers is the Canadian company D-Wave Systems. Its clients include both government agencies such as CIA, NSA, science centers, NASA, as well as commercial entities, such as Google and