Monthly Archives: February 2020

Will AI save the labor market?

The question in my title may sound like heresy. There is no denying that smart algorithms can fascinate and delight us. They can enable digital transformations in business, revolutionize marketing methods and foster a world of efficiency, high speed and profit. But can they be our lifeline?

In many industries, digital technology reduces demand for human labor, and increases the net gain of intelligent machine ownership, such machines being cheaper than people. According to McKinsey, the digital revolution will put nearly 400 million people out of a job by 2030.

We, the last generation of Homo sapiens

Biotechnology, genetics and artificial intelligence will put Homo Sapiens on an evolutionary path that will forever change the face of human existence. This is how one of the most-popular contemporary thinkers, the Israeli historian Yuval Noah Harari, sees our future in the next century.

Do not be afraid of future robots lurking around the corner to get us. This only happens in movies. Instead, you should brace for more complex scenarios. Biotechnology, genetics and artificial intelligence will put Homo Sapiens on an evolutionary path that will forever change the face

Wearables. How about an electronic coat?

Ever wanted to monitor your heart rhythm, track your brain activity while you sleep or track your calorie burn while jogging? If so, here’s a perfect solution for you. Put on an electronic wristband and gain unlimited insights into the way your body works. Welcome to the world of smart gadgets that know more about you than you do yourself.

The increasingly popular wearables – personal electronic devices you can strap around your wrist, attach to your pants, or even fasten to your hair – fit perfectly into today’s obsessions with healthy lifestyles, healthy eating, calorie counting and jogging. There is always something that “smart”

Leadership. It takes a wider perspective to win

Whether they want it or not, leaders are cogs in a fast-moving machine, which requires them to clip their claws regularly. They must fight to keep their moral backbones from being crushed. What are some of the hard choices they face?

So, you have the power to inspire people and an appetite for innovative projects? Excellent. Test your resolve now at a meeting with the board or an owner who tells you that – yes, your project can get greenlit, but … (here comes the familiar