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ODAILY China: Will blockchain transform the stock market?

Blockchain can make it easier to transfer property rights and other assets by reducing transactional costs and boosting trust between investors. But can it be used by the world’s largest stock exchanges?

Reprintint and translation of my article titled “Will blockchain transform the stock market?” to chinese at ODAILY China (link), from Data Driven Investor (link). Below you will find english version of this article as well. 编者按:本文编译自 Data Driver Investor 报道,原文作者:Norbert Biedrzycki,是微软服务CEE(Microsoft Central Eastern Europe·中东欧)主管,前麦肯锡数字副总裁、前甲骨文咨询和业务发展服务部门的负责人。 通过减少交易成本和增强投资者之间的信任,区块链可以使产权和其他资产的转移变得更加容易。但它有机会被世界上最大的证券交易所使用吗? 在过去的两三个世纪里,金融资产交易的管理规则几乎没有改变。有人说,这些规定相对来说运行得不错(除了偶尔发生几次震惊世界的危机之外)。那么它需要改变吗?它应该改变吗?它能改变吗?

Unlock – Blockchain will revolutionize Stock Exchanges

Today’s investor relies on a traditional system of buying, selling and accounting for transactions that are old enough to be called ossified. The system generates considerable costs and adds to the time needed to close transactions. This is because trading in financial assets requires multiple entities arranged in a complex web of intermediaries, settlement systems and business partners.

Summary of my article in Unlock – link. Norbert Biedrzycki Head of Services CEE at Microsoft, recently wrote a piece in datadriven investor about how blockchain will transform the stock market. According to Norbert Blockchain can be used by the world’s stock exchanges especially since the govern

Four Grim Dreams of Great Technology

Are there limits to this technological universe, which we’ve grown to take for granted? Are there serious warnings looming on the horizon that people are choosing to ignore? Here are a few threats affecting nearly the entire world of technology.

The world has come to a point where life without the pervasive presence of technological gadgets is very hard to imagine. And yet, this technology-filled world is not immune to crises. Which of them scare us the most? The non-technological world is virtually disappearing –