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Unfortunately, many business managers still think of AI as something that will be impossible for them to understand

I believe that knowing the fundamental principles that underlie the new technologies can boost managers’ confidence in them and help them make their companies more innovative.

My article in Data Driven Investor published 14thof March 2019. The two key drivers of major smart technologies today are machine learning and deep learning.  Machine learning is commonly described as the foundation of predictive analytics. Positioned at the nexus of IT and statistical modeling, machine learning enables

Are we ready for military AI?

Will Artificial Intelligence weapons soon be able to launch military operations independently of human input?

My article in Data Driven Investor published 21st of February 2019. Today, algorithms may come in charming shapes, such as Sophia, a robot with a lovely attitude and an enlightened philosophy. Others, like Atlas, are being built to look like Robocop brutes that can run, jump, and, maybe, shoot. Why

Want to know who the leader is? Ask him to decide

Every person makes hundreds of decisions daily, most automatically and without reflection. The decisions made in organizations also are mostly routine, practically automatic.

My article in Data Driven Investor published 25th of January 2019. One of the most valuable things an effective leader can offer an organization is the ability to make decisions, hopefully the right ones.  However, it is the way the decision is made that separates outstanding leaders

Data Driven Investor: The Technologies Poised to Change the World in 2019

Rapid progress in artificial intelligence will continue to be made and be widely reported. Autonomous vehicles will proliferate, and it would be good to see serious, in-depth articles about industry regulation rather than last year’s sensational coverage focusing on accidents and disasters.

My article in Data Driven Investor published 15th of January 2019. It is not easy to imagine a technology that will receive as much publicity as the blockchain did last year but there’s little doubt that other new and innovative technologies will make even greater inroads into our