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Time we talked to our machines

We talk to our machines more and more often: the smartphones, computers and digital assistants on our desks. Are keyboards, and the manual operation of electronic devices, becoming obsolete?

Over the last few years, artificial intelligence (AI) has advanced rapidly, with developers regularly reporting new breakthroughs. AI algorithms work ever faster. Until recently, skeptics argued it would take ages for robots to come anywhere close to moving like humans. It was easier to program

Unlock – Blockchain will revolutionize Stock Exchanges

Today’s investor relies on a traditional system of buying, selling and accounting for transactions that are old enough to be called ossified. The system generates considerable costs and adds to the time needed to close transactions. This is because trading in financial assets requires multiple entities arranged in a complex web of intermediaries, settlement systems and business partners.

Summary of my article in Unlock – link. Norbert Biedrzycki Head of Services CEE at Microsoft, recently wrote a piece in datadriven investor about how blockchain will transform the stock market. According to Norbert Blockchain can be used by the world’s stock exchanges especially since the govern

Business Insider: Artificial Intelligence will generate a lot of new jobs

In the common opinion, robotization will lead to the destruction of the labor market in the future. Changes in this area are inevitable, I do not think that they must have a clearly negative overtone.

My article in BUSINESS INSIDER published 1stof May 2018.   I’ve already written on my blog about the popular myths about Artificial Intelligence. One of the most widespread concerns is the issue of labor markets. According to the popular thesis, they are awaited by shock and

Artificial Intelligence will do everything for us – say enthusiasts

Article in BrandsIT: Man will become unnecessary - the pessimists who predict the destruction of humanity from the hands of conscious machines answer.

My article in BrandsITon April 01, 2018.   Machines capable of feeling human emotions I have touched the theme of Artificial Intelligence on my blog many times. I am fascinated by this technology and the possibilities it brings. I am also aware of the risks.