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Pandemic. What talent meets the needs of the day?

The pandemic has been accelerating the pace and scale of the digital transformation. One of the toughest challenges faced currently is to secure the right human resources. And although recruiting the right people is vital in today’s world, it is unclear what selection criteria are going to work best. What kind of manager or leader will perfectly satisfy the demands of the pandemic-stricken world?

Machine learning. A literature expert and an art connoisseur

Can algorithms interpret the works of Shakespeare in depth? Yes, they can, and they do it with a precision that many literature professors could only dream to achieve. Do they understand where the authentic value of paintings by renowned artists lies? Absolutely! They know so much about it that they can immediately tell a forgery.

Machines finally discover their consciousness

According to scientists, human consciousness not only cannot be replicated but also evades definition. The weakness of this view lies in the presumption that only one type of consciousness, the kind that resembles ours, is possible. And yet, it is conceivable that at successive stages of its development, AI may develop new, hitherto unknown modes of self-reflection.

Quantum computers vs. Covid-19

The pandemic has turned the life we have grown accustomed to over the last few decades on its head. Will technology help us minimize the damage caused by the current crisis? What role can quantum computers play in this process?

Data-Driven Investor: How to survive a digital tsunami?

You can survive the digital storm without giving up the traditional values ​​that have been with your company since its creation. However, you need to be able to communicate such values to the customers whose consumer experience is increasingly tied to digital culture.

When will robots embrace us?

The sight of a robot handling pallets in a warehouse is nothing unusual. How dumbfounded would we be though if that robot flew off the handle and raved about not wanting to work all day long. Is it possible for machines to feel anger, fear or joy and recognize such emotions in people?

A robot lied and thus became human

Big lies, little lies and lies of omission play an essential role in society. Without occasionally concealing our true opinions about people around us, we could never be able to create lasting social bonds. Clearly, lies can be useful to humans. But can they also be useful to robots?

What’s being done with your face?

Pattern and facial recognition is revolutionizing medicine, the automotive industry and marketing and making people’s lives easier. However, these advances have a dark side to them too. You should prepare for the fact that your face may attract a lot of interest in the coming years.

The power of personalization. To please you, we’ll scan your smile

As a customer, I want to feel special no matter where I shop. This self-centeredness of mine is consistent with a common pattern of consumer behavior observed around the world. Corporate executives have wizened up to the fact that only deeply personalized products stand a chance of satisfying the spoiled customers of today. Personalization had to become the prevailing marketing trend.

Machine Ecology

The earth is sick, and the causes of its disease lie in our choices, our myopia, and our lack of imagination. Climate change, with deforestation, melting glaciers, mass extinctions and carbon emissions, is the biggest problem of the century. If you struggle to understand what is ruining our planet, perhaps you should look for clues in artificial intelligence.

Your face may attract a lot of interest in the coming years

What are we going to do with our faces? As hard as it may be to accept, we may someday have to consider covering them with masks before we venture outside. To prevent that from happening, it seems advisable even today to support various initiatives aimed at regulating the phenomenon, at least to some extent.

Politicians and AI. Can national strategies succeed?

For at least five years now, the world has been using artificial intelligence in the economy, education, science and in general public interest. Inevitably, the governments of many countries could no longer avoid reflecting deeply on their prior AI experience and the research into its essence.

Covid-19. Are we entering an age of global surveillance?

It only took a couple of weeks or so for the dark visions reminiscent of the Black Mirror tv series to become reality: think of drones hovering overhead and taking our body temperature and smartphone apps notifying law enforcement on whether we are staying home. Is the massive amount of health data collected during the pandemic going to be deleted once the dust settles?

Algorithms born of our prejudices

Are algorithms capable of discrimination? I am afraid they are. What complicates the question is the fact that algorithm developers can hardly be accused of malicious intent. How then could a mathematical formula put individuals and communities in harm’s way?

The city as an operating system

The notion of a smart city goes back several years. By now, urban areas run partly by algorithms can be found on all continents. And yet, Google’s idea to move nearly every aspect of a city district’s operation to a server is a whole new quality.

Is it possible to regulate AI and do we need such regulation?

I do not believe that attempts to regulate artificial intelligence are an unnecessary nuisance or a curb on the free distribution of ideas and business freedom. A technology that develops beyond our control and that self-improves without a programmer’s intervention, becomes powerful indeed.

Generation C. “C” for connected

What consequences of digitization should a modern company reckon with? What should it do to survive in a market swept by a digital revolution? Described below are some key elements one might want to consider in designing a digitization strategy.

Will AI save the labor market?

The question in my title may sound like heresy. There is no denying that smart algorithms can fascinate and delight us. They can enable digital transformations in business, revolutionize marketing methods and foster a world of efficiency, high speed and profit. But can they be our lifeline?

We, the last generation of Homo sapiens

Biotechnology, genetics and artificial intelligence will put Homo Sapiens on an evolutionary path that will forever change the face of human existence. This is how one of the most-popular contemporary thinkers, the Israeli historian Yuval Noah Harari, sees our future in the next century.

Wearables. How about an electronic coat?

Ever wanted to monitor your heart rhythm, track your brain activity while you sleep or track your calorie burn while jogging? If so, here’s a perfect solution for you. Put on an electronic wristband and gain unlimited insights into the way your body works. Welcome to the world of smart gadgets that know more about you than you do yourself.

Artificial intelligence is an efficient banker

The innovative use of artificial intelligence in the financial industry is no passing fad. It is a must and a trend that seems to have no alternatives. Algorithms improve financial management and product selection for customers and automate the work of financial institutions.

Innovative use of AI in the financial industry

The innovative use of artificial intelligence in the financial industry is no passing fad. It is a must and a trend that seems to have no alternatives. Algorithms improve financial management and product selection for customers and automate the work of financial institutions.

Data Driven Investor: Tech Trends 2020

The trends I am describing will have a spill-over effect and feed into other trends, including those left out from this year’s selection, such as the Internet of Things, autonomous vehicles and blockchain.

Learn like a machine, if not harder

I find it quite hard to imagine a world in which almost all work is automated and only a select few privileged people get to hold a job. I am nevertheless of the opinion that those who fail to continue learning throughout their lifetimes are going to end up on the peripheries of the job market.

Start-ups and corporations. What can they learn from each other?

Start-ups can be very compelling in their steadfast conviction that the things they do are special. Unfortunately, in most cases, their eager spirit alone won’t secure their survival. Can the values espoused by fledgling entrepreneurs nevertheless inspire large-company CEOs? Or perhaps it is the latter that can serve as role models for small businesses?

Four grim dreams of great technology

The non-technological world is virtually disappearing – it is becoming unknown and inaccessible. Any information one cannot look up on a web-enabled smartphone is considered to be either non-existent or of no consequence for the world. At least to my world.

The blockchain smart contracts revolution

It is quite clear for everyone by now that smart blockchain-based contracts have the potential to revolutionize the way we conclude agreements, execute transactions and grant authorizations. They transform the way many industries work. What can the technology do for regular citizens and small businesses?

Unlock – Blockchain will revolutionize Stock Exchanges

Today’s investor relies on a traditional system of buying, selling and accounting for transactions that are old enough to be called ossified. The system generates considerable costs and adds to the time needed to close transactions. This is because trading in financial assets requires multiple entities arranged in a complex web of intermediaries, settlement systems and business partners.

Will algorithms commit war crimes?

It’s clear that the military is developing smart technologies. We owe many of the innovations we know from civilian applications to military R&D, including the internet itself (which began as Arpanet), email, and autonomous vehicles. But today modern weaponry relying on machine and deep learning can achieve a worrisome autonomy.

Four Grim Dreams of Great Technology

Are there limits to this technological universe, which we’ve grown to take for granted? Are there serious warnings looming on the horizon that people are choosing to ignore? Here are a few threats affecting nearly the entire world of technology.

The Quantum Internet

Quantum computing and the quantum internet represent the most fascinating frontier of information science – extremely promising and full of yet-to-be-unraveled secrets. For global cybersecurity, quantum networks would be a real game-changer.

Will There Be an Internet of Electricity?

Blockchain, whose popularity has grown in lockstep with developments in the cryptocurrency market (Bitcoin, Ethereum, et. al.), is poised to expand into new territories. The energy industry, which is decentralizing gradually, may well advance blockchain more than the financial system will. Or, it may simply adopt it more extensively, sooner.

How to handle DATA so that you do not go crazy?

Information and data are getting more market value. Therefore, how should the company behave in order to strengthen competitiveness? What benefits can individual customers derive from a world dominated by huge data sets?

The power of collective leadership

New leadership paradigm should be conceived as a continuous and collective process taking place within a network of employees and managers. The organization’s thinking would change from “who are our leaders?” To “what conditions does the organization need to meet for leadership to effectively strengthen emerging networks and relationships?”

The twilight of the leaders

What role will organizational leaders play in the future? They won’t go away, but some believe the charismatic-type company executive will see his role diminish as power, authority, and responsibility gets distributed among largely self-governing groups. Consequently, leaders will have to learn to live without some of the privileges to which they have grown accustomed.

Data Driven Investor: Will There Be an Internet of Electricity?

Today’s energy users, who are still dependent on large distribution networks, will slowly become prosumers, free to choose how they will use their own resources, and perhaps contribute to creating the rules that govern the energy industry. We’re not there yet, but we will be within the next few years.

Organizational change begins with me

They teach us that a significant role in the transformation of an organization is played by clearly defined business goals, the relationship of a leader with people and well-chosen communication tools. And although I subscribe to this approach, I personally emphasize something else - individual experiences.

Dear Voter! Blockchain will change your life!

Blockchain can definitely affect social organizations. Can the new technology be used successfully in public administration as well? Will it help governments inspire trust in citizens and make the latter feel they are better represented in public institutions?

BlockchainTech Congress II

The motto behind the event was "Revolution is comming". Is blockchain really a revolution? Frequently, there have been answers to such questions from industry specialists.

What is direction of transformation of the financial sector?

For centuries, trade has become an extremely complicated process, the complexity of which has deepened globalization - at the moment everyone can trade with everyone, anyone, anywhere in the world. If we change the perspective a bit, we will see that each transaction is de facto information.

Myths of Artificial Intelligence

This text deals with the myths that revolve around Artificial Intelligence - in the media, in the network and in the minds of all of us. I dare say that this fear is highly unjustified.

Blockchain has earned admiration. Now is the time for trust

Blockchain has captured the attention of the financial sector because it handles high-volume transactions wonderfully. It is ideal in situations where settlements need to be instant and systems exceptionally efficient, and it has been proposed as a way to secure states against cyberattacks. In sum, blockchain is considered one of the most innovative and potentially useful technologies around.

How far we are from the global financial order change?

Perhaps everything that happens is a repetition of the history of Linux, which has already abandoned the image of the system created by the alternative and went to commercial ventures. Similarly, it will be with blockchain - after a time of heated discussions, it will become a standard for large companies, banks and even governments.

That is why leadership development programs do not bring the intended results

Today's leaders need many tools to help them lead or manage their increasingly complex organizations. Contemporary leaders also arrange their own continuing education programs, arranging external trainings, participating in webinars, tuning in to TED talks, and following the achievements of men and women they have identified as gurus.

Hello. Are you still human?

The intellectual currents that accompany advances in technology can be as fascinating as the technologies themselves. Right now, the belief that humanity is on the cusp of a big breakthrough is taking hold. What could it be?

What do leaders dream about?

Today's leaders need many tools to help them lead or manage their increasingly complex organizations. They have been designed to help leaders respond quickly to new challenges such as global digitization, rapidly advancing technologies and fierce competition.

How far are we to ethical machines?

Will we be safe when surrounded by machines? Cautious estimates say that in 2025 the share of autonomous cars in the total car market will increase to 13% and reach USD 42 billion.

The new world of quantum computers

What will the world look like in which every information will be available in the blink of an eye? In the blink of an eye, but of course not for everyone, only those who will be equipped with quantum computers.

Is the blockchain really as safe as they say?

My article in BrandsIT: Is blockchain really a safe technology, as claimed by its followers and promoters? The optimism of those who trust it can slightly weaken information about the possibilities of quantum computers.

From dictator to partner

Being an organization’s leader today can be as fascinating as it is challenging. In a rapidly changing world, role models do not have it easy. The responsibilities of the person at the helm of an enterprise can never be taken for granted, nor the power he or she wields.

Blockchain poised to shake up our lives

As we know, the Internet changed the world profoundly and, considering how fast it happened, dramatically. Now, there is another big breakthrough coming fast around the corner: blockchain. It has a potential to become a universal tool offering useful applications to just about every industry and sector.

BlockchainTech Congress 2018

A revolution is coming. Blockchain is changing reality and the functioning of the economy, just like the internet once did. BlockchainTech Congress allows the participants to get to know how this breaking technology works, its potential and implementation, as well as the legal-regulatory threat.

Fund Forum Analiz online conference

Fintech is changing reality - say hello to the robot. Future of the banking sector in the context of the development of the FinTech industry, influence of blockchain technology on the development of financial services, future of the financial advisor profession in the context of progressing automation and robo advisory.

FORBES: And when will your lawyer be a robot?

In my opinion, it is not enough to be aware that reality has accelerated, and that legal codes are aging at a rapid pace. Politicians, legislators and lawyers now have a great responsibility for changes that may or should not be made.

FinTech Congress 2018

A meeting of the FinTech Congress Program Council was held on 5 February at the Sheraton Warsaw Hotel. We talked about the next edition of the congress, agenda and subject matter, as well as the main global trends in the FinTech and financial industry.

Blockchain Tech Congress

Meeting of the Blockchain Tech Program Council 2018. We determined the thematic scope of the congress, the list of invited speakers and the scope of individual presentations.

Robots awaiting judges

Planet of the Machines: Questions for a New Age. Humans tend to become flustered when confronted with a rapidly changing reality, and let's not exclude our lawyers and legislators.

Blockchain on FinTech Digital Congress

Digitalization, technological progress, anticipation of changing digital consumer demands, innovative business models, regulatory changes and market unification drive the dynamic development of FinTech.

Fourth Innovative Manufacturing Forum – Industry 4.0

Industrial production is the cornerstone of the competitiveness of economies and serves to build sustainable and sustainable growth. As a result of globalization, trade liberalization, innovation and ever-increasing competition, it is vital to develop new solutions, such as Industry 4.0.

Will robots change the world?

Article in BrandsIT: Algorithm-based technologies, machine learning and process automation have come to a point in their development where morality-related questions and answers may seriously affect the development of all of our modern technologies and even our entire civilization.

Data commercialization Summit

Business growth driven by big data in the age of augmented human being. The future is here – based on predictions of what will happen tomorrow. Time for futurology – fourth revolution – what’s next?

Can robots sin?

Each of us makes numerous decisions daily that concern essential ethical issues. Our daily choices between good and evil are largely habitual, many of them aren’t even noticed by us. However, in the world of artificial intelligence, morality is becoming increasingly problematic.

The end of the age of humans

Big Brother has always been watching us, except that these days, he does it far more efficiently and thoroughly. And it is going to get worse. Because soon assembly lines in factories will be “manned” by emotionless robots…

Living brains beget artificial intelligence

Machine learning, autonomous vehicles, the internet of things and the feats of IBM’s computer Watson are the work of living brains, people who seek to make the world a better place, make humanity healthier and perhaps even extend human life.

Artificial brains save the Earth

You don't have to be an environmental activist to realize just how vulnerable the Earth’s ecosystem is. Can modern technology help us protect it? Can we employ artificial intelligence to save the environment globally?

Can machines tell right from wrong?

Programmers involved in developing algorithms for use in autonomous vehicles should prepare to have their work become the subject of a heated ethical debate rather soon. The growing popularity of self-driving cars is already giving headaches to lawyers and legislators.The reason is the complexities of what is right and wrong in the context of road safety.

Code Europe Warsaw 2017

The largest software development conference in Poland, 90 speakers, 150 workshops and 9000 participants. Place to share experiences, knowledge, best practices with international industry leaders, key developers, managers, clients on latest technology trends, case studies, projects.

FORBES: Ethics of autonomous cars

Programmers involved in developing algorithms for use in autonomous vehicles should prepare to have their work become the subject of a heated ethical debate rather soon.

Machine Learning. Computers coming of age

The machine learning technology proves that today’s computers are acquiring ever more astonishing skills. Perhaps their ability to take in and process newly acquired knowledge will one day enable them to sustain artificial intelligence. What exactly is the computer’s ability to learn?

Banking and Insurance Summit

Banking and Insurance Summit is a periodic event held successfully for many years that brings together the most prominent individuals and companies representing the Polish financial sector.

FORBES: The Internet of Things

By 2020, there is going to be in between 25 and 50 billion of them. Devices connected to the Internet of Things increasingly dominate our lives.

3rd Innovative Manufacturing Forum

Innovative Manufacturing Forum, is a discussion platform which is focused on crucial elements that determine the business success of production companies and implementation of new technologies.

V edition SmartCity Forum

Smart City Forum is a response to the transformation, which takes place on a global scale, relating to the construction and operation of intelligent cities.

Top 5 technology events of 2016

Here is my TOP5 of most important tech related events of 2016: first landing of Falcon 9, Russian cyberpower invaded US, major cyber attack disrupts internet service across Europe and US, world’s largest hedge fund to replace managers with AI, scientists invent groundbreaking method to simplify construction of quantum computers.

Code Europe Warsaw 2017

The largest software development conference in Poland, 80 speakers, more than 100 workshops. Norbert Biedrzycki as a key speaker.

BUSINESS INSIDER: End of the world we know

Any company that goes digital is inevitably looking to dramatically transform its structure. Its IT unit does not necessarily have to take over the helm and run its operations. The head of IT does not need to become a guru known for singlehanded decision-making.

FinTech Digital Congress CEE

FinTech changes the banking sector. Digitization, technological progress, innovative business models drives the dynamic development of the FinTech industry.

EuroPOWER Energy Conference

Discussions held during the event relate to the most important changes in the market, analysis of the new trends and allow to search common business models and pursue the most effectively market strategies.

Innovative Manufacturing Forum

Industry 4.0, key topics: The fourth Industrial Revolution – theoretical concept or actual solutions? Whether Polish companies are ready and how will realize assumptions of fourth Industrial Revolution?

Atos does not exclude acquisitions in Poland

Atos Group, which worldwide grows through acquisitions, does not exclude acquisitions of other companies also in Poland – said in the interview for Polish Press Agency (PAP) Norbert Biedrzycki, Chairman of The Board of Atos Poland.

How machines think

Technological advances make you wonder: is this the start of a new world ruled by intelligent machines? Is there such thing as artificial intelligence?

Geomarketing Forum 2016

Main discussion topics: Business Intelligence, Location Intelligence, Location Analytics, Big Data, GIS, location-based services and GIS Smart City.

BUSINESS INSIDER: How machines think

The development of artificial intelligence in robotics is not as unlikely as you might think. A growing number of technologies enable machines to observe the environment in which they operate and choose the best course of action.

SmartCity Forum

Smart City Forum is a response to the transformation, which takes place on a global scale, relating to the construction and operation of intelligent cities.

Going into space

A box measuring 10x10x11.3 cm, weighing 1 kg. It resembles a Rubik’s cube. A team of students from the Warsaw University of Technology dedicated several years of their lives to building it.

Digital journey

It is important to approach the digitization in the right way - it is not the only one project, but investment into the process of changes, implemented over a longer time period.

High jumps and supercomputers

Artur Partyka is a former Polish high jumper, two-time Olympic medalist. He advised us what mindset and attitude is necessary, both in sports and business, to be able to achieve excellence in competitive environments.

BIG DATA: Think Big CEE Congress

Big Data is a main challenge for key company’s divisions, The possibility to confront the entire complexity of the Big Data problems is the biggest added value of the Congress.

SmartCity conference III eddition

Smart City Forum is a response to the transformation, which takes place on a global scale, relating to the construction and operation of intelligent cities.

ABC Data – number one IT company in Poland

In 2013, ABC Data reported a nearly twofold increase in profit compared to 2012. Group grew faster than the market in all relevant geographic and product segments, reaching revenues of PLN 4.5 billion, which enabled the Company to maintain the title of The biggest IT company in Poland.

FORBES: Golden boy

They say that the consultant would not be able to manage the company. Norbert Biedrzycki, a juvenile of the consulting firm McKinsey, denied this, healing the IT integrator of Sygnity. What will he show now as the president of the ABC Data hardware trading company?