Monthly Archives: December 2020

The clash of the dark side and the bright side. What is human-friendly AI?

Is it time yet we thought of a “red safety button” in the event AI gets out of control? Or should we respond to our fear of an algorithmic armageddon more constructively by designing human-friendly AI?

The idea of a symbolic kill switch that would instantly neutralize hostile algorithms is not foreign to the average person nor to tech industry moguls and celebrity scientists. There is no point citing the repeated warnings of Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Yuval Harrari and Stephen Hawking regarding

A black swan or rather a gray rhino: how the tech industry is regaining trust

Over the past four years, tech companies have boasted rapid growth. Their problem was mounting distrust on the part of private users and growing media criticism. Now, with the global crisis sweeping across the globe, they may actually have happened upon an opportunity: a chance for the industry to mend its reputation.

While any crisis may be a possibility to sway public opinion, it can also cause you to quickly fall out of favor. The pandemic poses numerous threats to the tech industry but it is not without silver linings. Companies may use their ad hoc responses