The power of collective leadership

New leadership paradigm should be conceived as a continuous and collective process taking place within a network of employees and managers. The organization’s thinking would change from “who are our leaders?” To “what conditions does the organization need to meet for leadership to effectively strengthen emerging networks and relationships?”

Organizational change begins with me

They teach us that a significant role in the transformation of an organization is played by clearly defined business goals, the relationship of a leader with people and well-chosen communication tools. And although I subscribe to this approach, I personally emphasize something else - individual experiences.

How far we are from the global financial order change?

Perhaps everything that happens is a repetition of the history of Linux, which has already abandoned the image of the system created by the alternative and went to commercial ventures. Similarly, it will be with blockchain - after a time of heated discussions, it will become a standard for large companies, banks and even governments.

Will robots change the world?

Article in BrandsIT: Algorithm-based technologies, machine learning and process automation have come to a point in their development where morality-related questions and answers may seriously affect the development of all of our modern technologies and even our entire civilization.