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Artificial Intelligence will do everything for us – say enthusiasts

Article in BrandsIT: Man will become unnecessary - the pessimists who predict the destruction of humanity from the hands of conscious machines answer.

My article in BrandsITon April 01, 2018.   Machines capable of feeling human emotions I have touched the theme of Artificial Intelligence on my blog many times. I am fascinated by this technology and the possibilities it brings. I am also aware of the risks.

Blended worlds. Welcome to augmented reality

It would be a mistake to reduce augmented reality to mere entertainment value. In the near future, AR may support production and marketing, and soon reveal its innovative potential in architecture and industry.

Most people first experienced augmented reality (AR) by playing games on their mobile devices, possibly hunting cute Pokémon monsters.  However, it would be a mistake to think of AR merely in terms of entertainment. AR’s future will be about supporting production and marketing, and it

Your clients are already in the future, and where are you?

One of the vital benefits of digitization is instant access to goods and services. Few customers today realize just how dramatically companies need to change to be able to enter the digital ecosystem and operate in it effectively.

    Digital customers – fast, nice and easy The Internet has spoiled us: we have grown accustomed to having everything “right here and right now”. Customers expect zero stock-outs, intuitive interfaces, mobile sales platforms and personalized treatment from sales personnel and customer service. Such