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Generation C. “C” for connected

What consequences of digitization should a modern company reckon with? What should it do to survive in a market swept by a digital revolution? Described below are some key elements one might want to consider in designing a digitization strategy.

My article in Data Driven Investor published 28th of March 2020 on Generation C. “C” for connected.  Nearly all of us today are connected to digital services. We are both the co-architects and consumers of digital reality. Technologies fascinate us, they are currently in fashion and sell well. Start-ups, digital and web apps

25th EuroPOWER Energy Conference

Discussions held during the event relate to the most important changes in the market, technology trends, new business models and electro-mobility.

Organized by MM Conferences SA EuroPOWER Energy Conference is platform for dialogue among all the key industry representatives, permanently inscribing itself in calendars of the most important economic events in Poland in energy sector. Participation of a wide spectrum of key decision-makers enables a holistic