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The Quantum Internet

Quantum computing and the quantum internet represent the most fascinating frontier of information science – extremely promising and full of yet-to-be-unraveled secrets. For global cybersecurity, quantum networks would be a real game-changer.

My article in Data Driven Investor – link . I’ve written about how quantum computers work. Now it’s time to talk about quantum networks. I believe research into the potential of the quantum internet is critical to future IT security. Will it provide absolute data security,

Business Insider: Will quantum computers enable us to defy the laws of physics?

Computers depend on the algorithms and hardware and their capabilities and limitations. Imagine what will happen if you manage to remove these restrictions forever? What would then the capabilities of modern quantum computers be?

My article in BUSINESS INSIDER published 8thof August 2018.   What has made quantum computers so exciting lately? Perhaps the fact we are approaching the limits of computing capabilities of the kinds of transistor-based machines we have long been using. They are limited by the laws